Sunday, July 5, 2009

i born on S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R.

tjuk entry yg sgt, sje mpromote diri sendiri..
xkesah la nk ckp pe.. mmg ske..
sy ske number 9 sgt2..
slh 1 sbbnye, sy dilahirkn pd bln SEPTEMBER..

xlme lu, sy ade jwb kuizyangntahpape kt fb
(u/p selly: selly,i tiru gye u tulis dlm post u)
tjuknye adalah..
What Does Ur Birthday Say 'bout U??
so, sy sje mau copy&paste result quiz tsebut kt blog ni..
most of d results is RIGHT..haha9x..
sgt2 kbetulan..


Suave and compromising..
Careful, cautious and organized..
Likes to point out people's mistakes..
Likes to criticize..
Quiet but able to talk well..
Calm and cool..
Kind and sympathetic..
Concerned and detailed..
Loyal but not always honest..
Does work well..
Very confident..
Thinking generous..
Good memory..
Clever and knowledgeable..
Loves to look for information..
Must control oneself when criticizing..
Able to motivate oneself..
Fun to be around..
Loves sports, leisure and traveling..
Hardly shows emotions..
Tends to bottle up feelings..
Very choosy, especially in relationships..

NOTA KAKI : sy ade tjumpe 1lgu Plain White T's btjuk A Lonely September..mmg seswai ngan sy..ske2, sy ske sgt2 bln my frenz & bf, diz yr birthday sy tym Hari Raya Syawal..keh9x..

~till then~

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